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Lisa transformed the way we spoke to candidates and employees. Her effort to lead our recruiting positioning and message platform increased our close rate on job offers by 40%. Now the elite candidates we want find us!
— VP of Human Resources, mid-sized biotechnology company

Experienced. Informed. Engaged.

Within a pool of talented business professionals, there might be one or two proverbial “unicorns” in the mix. Talent in this class combines the perfect mix of skills and background with a fresh and innovative approach to “business as usual.”

Lisa Hazen, the founder and principal consultant at Back Bay StoriTel – a niche marketing firm specializing in employment storytelling within biotechnology – is one of those elusive talents.

Lisa’s leadership produces the kind of results that bring figurative fireworks, magic and delight to everything she touches.

Following a successful career as an in-house expert and agency strategist, Lisa has made her unbridled passion for biotechnology available to help companies find and amplify their Employment Story.

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